Back on my blog-ish

13 06 2010
Wow!  A full year has passed since I last chronicled my journey to the published land, and what a difference a year makes.  This time last year, I was still pursuing the pipe dream of publication by a traditional publisher.  I was querying literary agents, waiting for their responses with bated breath, and taking solace when the response wasn’t so bad.  Now here I am a year later on the verge of publishing my first book! 
Before you get too excited let me make a correction, by first book I mean my publishing company’s first book.  That’s right, peeps, in the space of twelve months I’ve gone from just another writer clamouring for someone’s attention, trying desperately to achieve publication, to a full-blown publisher myself!  That’s quite a leap even by my own high standards.  So what caused the cataclysmic shift, you ask?
It was really a combination of several motivating factors and one very serendipitous text message!  I’ve learned and grown so much over the past year.  It really is quite amazing to look back and see the progression.  And best of all, because of this crucial decision, ONE BLOOD, my debut novel about a two hundred year old curse from slavery that comes back to torment a contemporary cast of diverse characters unaware of their hidden connections, is only a year away!  Let the countdown begin!